Sunday, 9 November 2008

In just a few hours...

... I will be flying to Tel Aviv with a bundle of emotions, hopes, expectations and fears.

My hope is that I will find hope, my fear is that I will find hopelessness. I expect to find both.

I have two inspirations/motivations (at least!) for this trip. One is the motto of a co-operative of Palestinian olive farmers who print on their bottles of olive oil 'resisting the occupation by insisting on life'. The second is Jesus, who insisted on life - who insisted on life so strongly that he overcame death.

I'm really hoping to have an inspiring and fun time, as well as testing my own strength. I hope to come back with some songs, and I hope to encounter joy, in even the most difficult situations.

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Joanna Young said...

Good luck!

"Resisting the occupation by insisting on life" is a wonderful motto. So many different forms of occupation - so many ways to expres that insistence.