Tuesday, 21 October 2008

David on Training to Find a Peaceful Place

Bench (by David Masters)

17th-19th October was the training weekend for the delegation at Charney Manor in Oxfordshire.

With the help of Sam Perlo-Freeman we learnt about cultural norms in Israel-Palestine, and received training in active nonviolence, conflict resolution skills and consensus decision making.

The training helped to put my mind at rest about the difficulties that we might encounter during the delegation.

I found the location of the training as important as the training itself in preparation for the trip. Being used to the hustle and bustle of city life in Manchester, it was restful to slow down and immerse myself in the countryside.

Sunrise (by David Masters)

The freshness of the morning air, the nostalgia of staying in an old cottage, and the wildness of the crows clowning in the sky created a place of peace around me. Walking in the gardens before breakfast, I was able to pause and reflect, absorbing the peace of my surroundings into my being.

Fallen Leaves (by David Masters)

The peace-giving nature of the place and space around me gave me hope that I too can bring peace to places of conflict, hope to darkened lives, and mercy where injustice has prevailed.

Window Frame (by David Masters)

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